Dr. Ric and Kathy Steele

Founders & Senior Pastors

Apostle Ric and Prophetess Kathy Steele are founders and Senior Pastors of Due Season Christian Church International .

In 1997, Dr. Ric & Kathy answered the call from God to teach, train, equip, activate and release the members of the body of Christ to function and operate in their respective ministries. Their goal, simply put, is to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to people of every color and culture. As the children of God are instructed and directed towards true growth in God through the preaching and declaring the uncompromised Word of God, then they will be empowered, both spiritually and naturally, to effect positive and long-lasting change in their lives. Through the mission and efforts of Pastors Ric & Kathy, individuals are released, not only in their God-given gifts and ministries but are also enabled to rise to positions of leadership and authority in their homes, communities, and churches.

Dr. Ric & Kathy are also the founders of RISEN!, an Apostolic & Prophetic training school. RISEN! is a school designed to train, activate & release the body of Christ to flow in the Holy Ghost through prophecy and discernment.

They met and married while serving in the ministry, and after 12 years of ministerial training for leadership, they were commissioned to go forth into pastoring. Recognized for his years of faithful and dedicated service to the call of God, Dr. Steele received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Divinity Christian University (DCU) in 2005. Pastor Kathy has a teaching degree and has retired from a life long ministry in the public school system. She also spent many years, teaching and training churches and individuals how to open and operate Day Care centers in the State of Michigan.

Through God’s grace, many supernatural miracles, deliverances, healings, and financial breakthroughs have followed their teachings and ministry.